lunes, 27 de febrero de 2017

Japanese dishes

We introduce some Japanese dishes.

1. Shabu-Shabu (boiled meat)

Shabushabu is popular food in winter and popular
among foreigners too. Sliced beef,or sliced pork,
vegetables and bean curd are cooked in boiling
soup stock in a pan on the table. It is eaten after
being dipped in a special sauce.

“Goma-dare” (sesame sauce) and “ponzu” (soy sauce mixed with citrus vinegar) are the most popular sauces for shabu-shabu. You can also put vegetables and tofu in the pot and enjoy as well. Once all the beef and vegetables are eaten, the meal is finished by boiling flat noodles called “kishimen” in the remaining broth.

Shabu-shabu is considered a special Japanese dish along with sushi, tempura and sukiyaki. In fact there are shabu-shabu restaurants just like there are sushi restaurants.


2. Sushi
Originally, sushi was fish pickled for preservation. But in the Edo period, people in Edo started using fresh fish instead of pickled fish. They put raw fish slices or shellfish on top of small vinegared rice balls which were rolled by hand. This is called “ nigiri-zushi” typically known as “sushi” in Japan and all over the world.

Tico and Spikey are about eating "Ikura-don".
Ikura・・・Shiny red eggs are very good as a topping for sushi.  The word ikura is derived from the Russian word ikura, meaning fish eggs.

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  1. Hello from Canada!!!What is the sauce (ingredients and/or name)?We are curious,...

  2. I will introduce the ingredients of Shabu shabu soon. We usually have some sourses.