miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2017

Japanese mascots!!!

My students are so excited to get mascots from Japan, that everybody wants to take them home so since I have 48 students we have added some mascots to the team of Mario and Snow.

Fetch and Smiley will join the team!!!Fetch is a little dog that will be travelling to Japan soon (Spain first) and who has been in London. I know we should be talking about Canada and Canadian culture. But to tell you the truth I still haven't found here anybody who is 100% Canadian here. The school where I work is bilingual (Spanish-English) so most of the students parents are from Central and South America but they are also from China, England, Switzerland, Nigeria, Germany, Spain and even from Japan!!!

So when we speak about Canada we really speak about a very rich multiculturalism and different origins. So London makes sense and if it doesn't, it doesn't matter!!!!!!hahahah. It is amazing to have the opportunity to learn about other cultures right?

I will share with Ms Muniz and Mr. Wada a very interesting powerpoint that Isabella (the student who took Fetch to London) made. Please share it with your students. AMAZING EH?

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