lunes, 27 de febrero de 2017

Enrique & Flake

Flake made really good friends with Enrique´s beautiful pet. Although he felt somewhat intimidated as it was his first time meeting a lion??? Flake felt relieved when Enrique told him that ___was just a dog!

As the good tiger he is, Flake loves a good piece of meat. He was delighted when he got to try Spanish Jamón Serrano.

Do you know how Jamón Serrano is made? In case you were wondering...

The Serrano ham production process includes four phases:
·         Salting The fresh ham is covered with sea salt, which remains on the ham approximately 20 hours to two days per kilo of ham. In a curing area with a high degree of humidity, the pure salt stabilizes the product at a low temperature.
·         Rest or Post-salting The hams are rinsed and the salt slowly and progressively diffuses through the meat, gradually equalizing throughout the ham. 
·         Dry Curing The fresh meat is hung in rooms that mimic the change of seasons, from the cold, moist air of winter to the dry heat of summer.  As the fat melts away and chemical changes occur, the simple pork transforms into a beautifully cured ham.

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  1. What is the fourth stage?BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!!!WHAT IS THE NAME OF YOUR DOG, ENRIQUE???????????????