viernes, 3 de marzo de 2017

Girl's day

We have Hinamatsturi, "Girl'sDay" on the 3rd, March.
Hinamatsuri is often called “Doll’s Festival” or “Girl’s Festival” in English.
Hinamarsuri is a day to pray for the health and happiness of young girls.
Families with girls display Hina Ningyo, which means Hina dolls.
It is said that Hina Ningyo take away the bad luck of girls who own them.
Hina Ningyo depict the imperial court.
Each Hina Ningyo wears a Heian period court costume .
Hina Ningyo represents the Emperor, Empress, their servants and so on.

People eat Chirashi-zushi, Hishimochi, Hina Arare and so on.
Chirashi-zushi is a kind of sushi with many scattered toppings such as salmon roe and sashimi on vinegared rice.
Hishimochi are diamond-shaped rice cakes and their colors are pink, white and green.On Hinamatsuri, it is said that pink means peach, green means land and white means snow.

In this year, We have Special Hina-doll's ice-cream cups to celebrate the girl's day!

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